This is a prayer for little paws
All up and down the land,
Driven away, no friendly voice
Never an outstretched hand.
For weary paws of little beasts
Torn and stained with red,
And never a home and never a rest,
Till all little beasts are dead.
Oh God of homeless things look down
And try to ease the way
Of all the little weary paws
That walk the world today.


We are a small animal rescue organization located in Baltimore, Maryland. Though some of our stories start out sad, many have very happy endings. So stick all about us...and meet some of the wonderful animals we have come to know along our journeys.

As you read this, thousands of animals are waiting for night to fall, waiting and listening for the sound of the alley car in the distance telling them this is the night they will eat.

Our thanks to you on behalf of thousands in the streets right now who won't know the luxury of a simple drink of water, or small plate of food. They will struggle through the day and wait for darkness to bring the sound of the alley car's rumbling engine.

Alley Animals, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.
All donations to Alley Animals are tax deductible.

Alley Animals, Inc.
P.O. Box 27487
Towson, Maryland 21285-7487

Thank You!

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Alley Animals...Before and After Faces from the Streets
Meet Our Adorable Adoptables A Special Plea
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Once Upon a Time... Heaven's Littlest Angels (Warning - very graphic)

Alley Animals Inc

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  • The MD SPCA for low income households (25K or less for single $42K or less for families) in Baltimore city for cats, large breed dogs, and pitbulls: 410-235-8826, Ext. 140

  • Animal Rescue low cost clinic for cats at MD Line, MD: 717-993-3232

  • Humane Society of Baltimore County for cats & dogs: 410-833-4480

  • All Paws Wellness Clinic for cats & male dogs in Perryville MD: 410-642-6396

  • SPCA low cost clinic in Annapolis, MD: 410-268-4388, Ext.123

  • Animal Advocates of Howard Co certificate program: 410-880-2488

  • The SNAP Certificate for discount s/n surgeries for cats & dogs: 410-885-5783 (see price schedule below)

  • The Wellness Clinic in Baltimore for low cost vaccinations: 410-636-0044

  • Erdman Animal Hospital: 410-675-5101

FOR assistance with outside or feral cats contact:
  • The MD SPCA Feral Fix Program: 410-235-8826, Ext 140 or 121

  • The MD Feline Society-Contact:

  • For information on the feral cat contraceptive: go to FeralStat
     or call 860-399-0097

Please spay/neuter your pets and help stop the needless suffering of unwanted animals.

In the Maryland/Delaware area, low cost certificates can be purchased from SNAP, Inc. Mail request to:

SNAP, Inc.
P.O. Box 686
Chesapeake City, Maryland 21915

Include a money order (SNAP does not accept personal checks), your telephone number and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Credit card orders may be placed by calling 410-885-5783.

Male Cat - $35.00
Female Cat - $50.00
Male Dog - $50.00
Female Dog - $65.00

Alley Animals, Inc.
Internet Rescue
P.O. Box 27487
Towson, Maryland 21285-7487
(410) 823-0899

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